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Cultural Heritage Services

The Western Kangoulu offers a range of cultural heritage services including:

  • Cultural heritage Assessment Cultural Clearances
  • Cultural Heritage Awareness Training

Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is both tangible and intangible—it is the physical traces left behind by past inhabitants.  These traces provide insight into past living practices as well as providing important information about

the environment, plants and animals. Cultural heritage is strongly tied to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ connection to the land, and includes:

  • traditions, ideas, skills or rituals, which are passed through generations
  • expressive activities (language, music, dance and drama)
  • immovable areas or objects (sites, landscapes or areas of significance to a particular group)
  • movable objects (artefacts)

Native Title

Native title is a property right which reflects a relationship to land which is the foundation of Indigenous religion, culture and well-being. Native title is the recognition by Australian law that some Indigenous people have rights and interests to their land that come from their traditional laws and customs.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act

The Queensland Government established the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act in 2003 with the main purpose to provide effective recognition, protection and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The following principles underlying the main purpose of this Act

  1. The recognition, protection and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage should be based on respect for Aboriginal knowledge, culture and traditional practices;
  2. Aboriginal people should be recognised as the primary guardians, keepers and knowledge holders of Aboriginal cultural heritage;
  3. It is important to respect, preserve and maintain knowledge, innovations and practices of Aboriginal communities and to promote understanding of Aboriginal cultural heritage;
  4. Activities involved in recognition, protection and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage are important because they allow Aboriginal people to reaffirm their obligations to ‘law and country’;
  5. There is a need to establish timely and efficient processes for the management of activities that may harm Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Cultural Heritage Body

The Western Kangoulu established Lumburra Bimbi Pty Ltd to manage the operations of the Cultural Heritage Services that are provided in their Traditional Country.

Area: Covering part of the previously registered Kangoulu People native title claim (QC98/25) as well as part of the previously registered Kangoulu People #2 native title claim (QC99/6). Registration date 15 April 2010.

A map of the area is available via the link below:

Lumburra Bimbi – Cultural Heritage Body

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