I have filled in this Membership application form honestly and completely. I understand that Membership is subject to the Code of Conduct set out in the Constitution and agree that if I am accepted as a Member I will obey the Code of Conduct at all times. I understand and agree that if I do not obey the Code of Conduct that I may be warned and/or have my Membership suspended. I am not a member of one of the other Family Groups. I understand that the Director and Alternate of the Family Group have complete and final discretion to accept or reject my application for Membership and that their decision is final. I understand that I may be required to attend part of a meeting of the Family Group at which my application for Membership will be considered, but may not attend that part of the meeting where the Director and Alternate is deciding whether to accept by application, and that I have the right to present my case as to why I should be accepted as a Member.